Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Who reads all the roles in my script?
Answer: As soon as you upload your script, we assign computer voices to the characters based on age and gender (which can be recast). Next, request our voice actors to give a real performance! You can also lend your own voice, or ask a friend to play a role.

Question: I want to protect my masterpiece. If I upload my script, is it secure?
Answer: We do our best! The green in your browser's address bar indicates that our website uses top notch encryption. You maintain full rights to your script, and only people you choose to make it available to have access.

Question: If I’m a writer, can I sign up as a voice actor using the same account?
Answer: Absolutely. After logging in, click on the “Edit your public acting profile” at the top of the page. Here you can fill in all your acting information and writers will be able to search for you.

Question: How do I get ranked higher on the Voice Actor list?
Answer: We currently rank our voice actors based on if they have a profile picture, number of voice samples, number of completed & used performances, response time, ratings, and more. So just make a complete profile, respond quickly to requests... and do a great job!

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